Hole In One Club

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20/02/2023 – Hole in One Club Welcomes Another Member

The road to success is always under construction. Well, not any more for our very own Garry Eynon, he has reached his destination with very skilful demonstration of how to attack a par three. Congratulations Garry.

The date was Monday 20th, time was 8.30ish on the 6th tee. The weather was overcast wind direction was at us when facing the hole from the tee, very light. The club was my 18 degree PGA 3 wood from the 146 yards par 3.  I also got a 2 on the 11th. The rest of the round was mediocre, but 39 points wasn’t too bad for me. It was like winning the lottery. 

Witnessed by my partner Surinder Nagi, and Gerry Hayman.

The ball I played with was a “Noodle” 3 easy distance, quite fitting I thought, had a Chinese when I got home (Get it?), never lost it either.