2024 Captain – Simon Edwards

I’m delighted to be captain for CCVGC in its 75th year. I have been a member now for the last 2 years and love the camaraderie and openness of the members and the ethos of the club. It’s a great bunch of people and a very well run club.

The Man..

I’m 68 years young, married to my first wife, Judy – who has done her bit in raising our four
children and (latest count) six grandchildren. While she has been getting on with that I’ve been mostly selling and managing delivery of accounting software for various companies – the most well known of which would be Microsoft. I finally hung up my boots in late 2019. Judy bought me golf lessons for Christmas two months later and has now successfully got me out of the house again!

The Golfer..

I have been playing for all my adult life on and off, mainly at work functions and with
friends, so a true amateur of the game. It was suggested that I might share my greatest
achievement but, in all honesty, I think it must be yet to come. I play to a shaky 26 and live
in hope that I may one day beat 90 (hopefully on a match day)

The Charity..

My eldest son, Chris, has Down’s Syndrome and lives in supported accommodation in
Croydon. I have first-hand understanding of the difference Club Soda and the other groups
they work with have brought to his life. Traditional support services for adults with
learning difficulties are focused on keeping them safe and well but not necessarily
entertained or socially fulfilled. This is the massively important gap that Club Soda and
partners fill. I hope you can help me help them in their important work.

You can read more about the work of Club Soda here, and get some idea of the various
activities that they and their partners enable here. I hope we will have a number of
opportunities to meet and share in some activities together in the year ahead.